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Whether you hope to pursue a new job or advance your career, learn a skill or explore a new hobby, what unites us in the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development is a total passion for continuous growth and improvement. Simply put, students and instructors in our school don’t take learning for granted. True lifelong learning means seeking out opportunities that challenge and sharpen us, opportunities that motivate us to set and achieve new goals. Whatever your learning goals may be, you’ll find a group of teachers and fellow students at AACC who shares your passion for self-improvement and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

What We Offer

We offer thousands of programs and courses each year – in face-to-face, online and hybrid formats – delving into a huge variety of subjects. But don’t let the breadth overwhelm you! Having so many options just means we’re sure to have the perfect offering for you. Each of our offerings fits into one of the following categories.

Corporate Training – Strengthen Your Teams

For area businesses, we offer consultative, customized training to help improve your employees’ performance. We’ll even offer training at your location.

Learn more about the Corporate Training Group.

Job Training and Professional Development – Get Ahead

Explore a new career or advance the one you’re in! We can help you through job training or courses that improve professional skills, result in a national certification, lead to a continuing education certificate or award a digital badge.

Browse job training and professional development areas of study.

Personal Enrichment Classes for Adults – Learn New Hobbies

For adults who are passionate about lifelong learning, we offer a variety of inexpensive personal enrichment courses across a broad range of subjects like art, self-defense, fitness, jewelry design, motorcycle safety and more.

Learn more about personal enrichment classes.

Youth Classes – Fun Learning Experiences for Kids of All Ages

From summer camps to year-round courses, our Kids in College program helps cultivate a passion for learning in youth of all ages through fun, experiential courses. 

Learn more about Kids in College.

Adult Basic Education and GED – Earn Your High School Diploma

Our free Basic Education courses are designed to help adults without a high school diploma improve basic skills in math, science, social studies and reading in preparation for the GED.

Learn more about Adult Basic Education.

English as a Second Language (ESL) – English Language Skills

Is English your second, third or fourth language? Do you need or want to speak and read it better? AACC offers classes for those just learning English, as well as for those with more advanced skills.

Learn more about English as a Second Language.

Classes for Seniors (55 and over) – Lifelong Learning

In partnership with area senior centers, AACC offers senior adults the opportunity to sharpen their minds and explore new skills and activities while building friendships with peers.

Learn more about Personal Enrichment for Older Adults.


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